Every day in the morning as we wake, we tune into the News. News of wars, terrorism, homicides, accidents, abuse, intolerance, empty political statements, lowbrow gossip. Every day we are buried under a mountain of horror. With a heavy bias towards gore, slander and the easy headline, mainstream media takes shortcuts to get the audience.

They are feeding our brains with propaganda: “The world is a Monster!” Each day, this news hangs on us, dragging us down. Through media’s distorted lens, we look at the lowest common denominator in our society and start believing that that’s the norm. This brainwash leaves depression and anxiety as a byproduct.

I don’t deny horrors and evil exist but I believe life is above all a wonderful miracle. I believe there’s more good than evil on this tiny planet, by far. The human cast is good. The seed is good.

However, even the strongest and healthiest plants must be nourished. Everyday we need something that lifts us up, our heart, our spirit. Our minds need joy and beauty as our bodies need food and water.

Since the beginning of humanity, mankind has regarded the sky as the source of supreme inspiration. In most religions, the sky is the dwelling of God. To elevate, to raise, to lift upwards means enlightenment and salvation in almost every culture. Throughout time, communities seek elevated positions to build, defend themselves and enjoy a view.

The Sky is the fabric of earthlings’ dreams. The deep color blue, carrier of good mood, the twinkle of the stars, lovers’ cry, the moon’s gaze, poets’ best friend, the ever changing clouds, a children’s palette, the raging storms, a dance of dramatic intensity, the flight of birds, the ultimate proof gravity can be defeated.

The sky is the greatest epic, always on our heads, always new, free for all.

This is why I chose the Sky as the main focus of my new Fine Art collection.

And now my Proposal: I will share my skies with you. I will sing of hope and the beauty of life to the best of my ability.

Please, Join me: Happiness is the true key to a better tomorrow. I ask for a minute of your day. I ask you to raise your heads and breathe. I ask you to look for inspiration and hope in yourself.

Please share your positive thought, your words of hope. With your positivity, you can make our day.

What’s your sky-high thought of the day?