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Food Photography Tips & Tricks #1

Food photography angles. Food photography is a form of storytelling. Good novels have a protagonist and a setting, an environment where the story unfold. Good photographs need a subject and a background. A picture without a subject is pointless. A picture without a background lacks depth and substance.

food photography tips and tricks
Food photography angles

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I know, these days most pictures of food are shot from above. Flat lays everywhere: Instagram, food magazines, (by the way, did I mention Instagram?) I will write a post soon to state my case against the (exclusive) use of flat-lays in food photography. A few during a photoshoot is fine but photography is all about capturing deep dimension, layers, perspective. All wonderful attributes that get lost when we shoot from above, perpendicular to the flat surface of a table.

So, fellow food photographer, today do yourself a favor. Skip the flat-lay and use these...

Photography Tips and Tricks:

  • Think and decide what the subject of your image will be. A detail or a specific section of a dish. Remember: we need a protagonist!

  • Shoot at an angle between 60 and 30 degrees (in regard to the tabletop.) Give the background the place, the room it deserves.

  • Aperture setting: start with 3.2 or 3.5 or 4.

  • Shutter speed: 1/125 or faster.

  • ISO: the lowest the scene's lighting conditions allow.

  • Focus Point: Place it at the top of the horizontal bottom third of the frame, possibly a bit to the left or to the right of the central vertical line.

  • Make sure your subject (where you focus point falls) is well lit.

  • Move a lot during the photoshoot. Squat, bend, use a step ladder. Always look for different points of view, different angles. Don't be afraid to experiment. Food Photography is a creative workout!

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