Painterly Photographs: The Dynamics of Life caught in a Frame.


Welcome to Paolo Ferraris' Fine Art Studio.  I create Painterly Photographs: digital pictures turned into lively art prints that borrow from the inspirational power of oil paintings and watercolors.

My pieces always start with a picture, a digital file. After the frame is captured, I go through the interpretive process of painters. Using digital software, I morph shapes and experiment with colors. The result is the exciting encounter of Photography (the blueprint of reality) and Painting (creativity unleashed on canvas).

With a focus on soaring skies and intense colorful landscapes, I hope to inspire and soothe the soul. I firmly believe we need visual beauty to keep our world healthy.

All the images on this website are printed on state of the art materials and are on sale. 

I have traveled the world to see these images. Enjoy this journey with me.
Yours in Colors, Paolo Ferraris.