Art Print: God bless America 

America to me is a Carousel. An endless land that never ceases to amaze, a social experiment gone right: people from the four corners of the world can live and build something important together. America is a Show. Everything, from the wilderness to the people, begs for a stage and the limelight. The country has a unique aesthetic that fascinated and still fascinates the world.

Even in countries that allegedly “hate” America, the young secretly listen to your music and watch your incredible storytelling at work in movies and TV series. America is still the greatest storyteller on the planet. From the cave dwellers to the new generation who lives in symbiosis with multiple social media platforms, stories are what we need the most after our basic physical needs are met. Go ahead, eat, drink, find shelter from the elements,  have sex, for fun or to procreate, America won’t judge. Then get ready for a good story.

Some say Hollywood and the Music Industry are the generators, the powerhouses of this ever spinning merry-go-round that is American life. I believe they are just the funnels, the collectors of the produce of a land where stories bloom like a fertile field after the first rains in Spring.

The photography series Americana is my little story. My little bloom. The images come from  my numerous travels across the country, a land I chose as my permanent residence long ago, a land who benevolently adopted me. A Mother and an accomplice at the same time. The series’ images encompass the gamut of most American stages: the cities, the countryside, the ocean, the deserts.

Compelling imagery and creative fonts were the catalysts of this project. Irony was the backbone. America is a great country and all great individuals don’t take themselves too seriously. In everyday life fonts and images are mostly combined in ads (TV commercials, billboards, brochures) we are not really interested in watching and reading. What if we took the initiative away from the phony advertisers and gave the sketching board back to America?

The pieces in my series were created as if America were advertising herself. When we are looking at the different manifestations of America (a landscape, a city, the ocean), when we are crossing glances with one of the many sons and daughters of this land who haven’t had the chance to be heard yet, what are all these elements trying to tell us? What would they say if we paused to listen instead of judging and moving on?

The Americana series is a collection of visual dialogues, a recollection of moments, when America spoke to me, honestly, along the journey.